"Thank you so much for the pictures! They are lovely. It was a pleasure having it at Chef Boutique, all the girls had so much fun and learned so much! Thank you for the recipes as well, looking forward to trying them at home. Thank you, A.A.R

"I've just now managed to check my email. Thank you for the pictures they look great!! We really enjoyed our time at chef boutique and we look forward to join other classes Thanks, D.A.O

"Everyone really enjoyed it. Will no doubt see you in the new school year. Cheers, J.B

"We really had a great time at the session! Hope to see you soon at another one. L.H

"Thanks for the pics. We had great time at junior chef class and my kids were proud of their dishes, and really willing to attend more classes. Regards, Z.B

"I really enjoyed it and will be back again for sure. I've also passed your web site on to others that might be interested if you don’t mind. Best of luck, C.T.S

"Thank you so much for the experience. My husband M. had a great time and the food was AMAZING! R.T

"Thank you so much Olga, it was a fantastic and delicious gathering !" Warm regards, :: M P Kuwait

"I truly enjoyed yesterday' s cooking. Thank you so much and thank you for the recipes. I think we will do it again, this time probably would be some Thai dishes." Best wishes :: L A Kuwait

"Just to say thank you for a really enjoyable morning cooking! It was great and the dishes were perfect! We shall definitely be coming again soon! Best wishes" :: C L Kuwait

"The biggest learning of the evening….if guided well and provided with the correct tools….anyone can produce good cuisine / RESULTS with ease!" :: R.N. Kuwait

"Amazing! I never thought that I could enjoy cooking my own food. Not to forget, the exceptional host, team and premises, which made it an awesome experience." :: D.B. Kuwait

"Good food, great experience, great company, what more can you ask for…a definite repeat." :: A. Al-H. Kuwait

"Great team building experience…and hungry for more!" :: Y.Y. Kuwait

"It was a great experience and honestly, there is nothing like having the luxury to discuss 2012 goals over a gourmet Thai dish I cooked myself." :: T. Al M. Kuwait

"It was great to see my colleagues in aprons and tears while chopping onions, which highlighted that in any environment you may be in it's a proven fact: no pain, no gain." :: T.S. Kuwait