Healthy Focus


We (the management of Chef Boutique) are committed to focusing to the extent possible on “HEALTHY”. 

That does not mean we build our courses around “diet foods” – although this can be organized on request.  What we mean is that each Chef is asked to use all their experience to come up with recipes, cooking methods and ingredients that support the notion of healthy eating. 

We use oil only when it is absolutely necessary.  We select the oils for cooking that best withstand high temperatures before converting to harmful states. 

The freshest ingredients are selected, using the best the season has to offer.  And we only use the ingredients and products available through retail in Kuwait.

This is also the reason for having higher preference towards some cuisines and not others.  Please don’t get us wrong – we will ask our chefs to teach what you most want to learn….it’s just that we may remind you about the high calorie / cholesterol content J.

We are currently exploring the possibilities of an organic emphasis as well.

We are always recruiting & partnering...


We aim to provide you with the greatest variety of cuisines, preparation methods, dishes and learning styles.  This variety is achieved by working with different chefs, each of whom has gained many years of colorful experience. So……

Are you an experienced, qualified chef who loves to share their knowledge?  Can you imagine yourself in a friendly family environment helping the people of Kuwait discover the joy of cooking? We would love to hear from you!!

Are you a restaurant that prides itself on the highest quality?  Can you see the mutual benefits of partnering with Chef Boutique and bring your chef out of the restaurant kitchen and into the learning environment that we created?  We are always open to ideas!!

Do you have a favorite restaurant or chef that you would like us to explore partnering with?  Your suggestions are most welcome!!
Please call Olga on 9907 8437 to discuss any of the above opportunities.

Your suggestions shape our offer….


There are a few reasons behind the courses you see appearing on the schedule each month. One is that we are delighted to introduce some authentic flavors and dishes from around the world (including from our travels).  Another is that our chefs also have their favorites and specialties and these need to be shared.  More importantly, we listen to what you want to learn and make it our goal to include this in our offer wherever possible.

Your suggestions count!!  You can speak with Olga on 9907 8437 to request certain dishes or even cuisines if you are intending to join a cooking course at Chef Boutique.

We have also created a questionnaire that takes 2 minutes of your time to complete.  This way you can tell us all about your areas of interest and preferences in a structured way and we have a record to refer to.  Please follow this link to complete the questionnaire about your preferences, or this link to complete a questionnaire if you have a house cook who could benefit from taking part in a course at Chef Boutique.