Course Types


All our course are hand-on – You get your hands dirty! 
• Courses are presented by international and very experienced chefs!! 
• Duration of each course is usually one day and between 2,5-3 hours in length (except Cake Décor Course is 2 days and each day 3-3,5 hours)

• Our goal is to provide a variety of courses in terms of cuisine / cooking style / teaching chef, etc. 

• Week to week the recipes for each type of cuisine also vary - you are always welcome back with something new to learn!

• Please view our schedule when planning to join any of our Open courses.

• Also feel free to request for a Private Group Bookings for maximum 12 guests (please view pricing page for more details). It could be for any occasion, exp. Bday Cooking Party, Friends Night Out, Team Building, etc.

For what is a relatively small country, Italy has managed to export its cuisine to the world in a very BIG way! Its soups, salads, pastas and sauces, bakes and risottos, not to mention pizza are famous the world over.

We combine menus allowing you to explore both the subtlety and the boldness of Italian cooking, with many vegetarian options as well as seafood featuring strongly. Requests always welcome!


For many Dynasties the Chinese provinces each developed their own distinctive flavors and cooking styles. We sample the best known, as well as serve up a few surprises and fusion-style dishes to help you learn the healthier options among the cuisines of China.

The variety means you can take part in as many cooking sessions as you want, and never stop learning something new.

Japanese cuisine has evolved over many centuries, but has remained unique in character and preparation methods. It demands freshness and precise combinations of ingredients. Japanese restaurants are among the favorites in Kuwait like in many other countries, combining traditional dishes with creative fusion.

You will quickly learn to recreate many favorites at home for your friends and family with our expert Chefs guiding you through each step. Learn to prepare Sushi rice, Maki rolls and Sushi, Teriyaki chicken and more.

Discover the authentic tastes and aromas of Thailand. Blending elements of several Southeast Asian traditions, Thai cooking places emphasis on lightly prepared dishes with strong aromatic components. From the lemongrass of Tom Yum soup to the coconut and turmeric of the Southern curries Thai cuisine is distinctive and extremely popular world-wide.

In a single session you can expect to learn 3 distinct dishes, for example a soup, a salad and a curry or stir fry.


Like most Continental European cuisines, the French cuisine has both a traditional and a modern side. The traditional has been developed over centuries in a very regional or provincial manner. The most popular northern dishes, for example, tend to be more suited to colder weather, using baking, game birds and potato bases to keep us warm. In the south, the influence of grassy hills and the Mediterranean Sea are much more pronounced, with lighter dishes, often seafood, much more prevalent.

Executive Chef Paul – your chef for the French Course – will combine well balanced menus from a selection of provincial favorites and best known dishes. Chef Paul also focuses on teaching the underlying techniques that can be applied by you in future to put towards any continental European cooking.

In Kuwait we LOVE cupcakes and fondants. So many home businesses and pastry shops have made our sweet-tooth day time and time again with their creative flavors and designs. And the chocolate fondant is almost everybody's top 5 gooey desserts!

Chef Boutique has included cupcakes and fondants in the general Bakery courses before. Now we have decided it is time to dedicate some attention especially to these yummies!!! In this course we will learn to make at least 2 different types of cupcakes and also focus on their decoration. We will also explore some simple but delicious variation to the chocolate fondant (Molten Cake).

Spanish PAELLA with Sides

One of Spain's most famous exports (culinary exports, that is) is the Paella!! This saffron-flavored dish is made with varying combinations of rice, vegetables, meat, chicken, and seafood. And it is made to be shared with family and / or great friends.

Learn the Spicy Fruit Salsa excellent with Paella and the Gazpacho famous Spanish Cold Soup all in one course of Spanish Paella with Sides!!


Mexican cuisine is known for its varied flavors, colorful decoration and variety of spices and ingredients, most of which are native to the country. The cuisine of Mexico has evolved through thousands of years of blending indigenous cultures, with later foreign elements added after the 16th century. In November 2010, Mexican cuisine was added by UNESCO to its lists of the world's "intangible cultural heritage".

In this course we introduce some of the most popular Mexican dishes which can be made at home for friends, family and light entertaining, and explore how the staple ingredients can be combined in a variety of ways to create succulent, warming dishes.

Junior Chef

Never too young to start!! Cooking should be fun, always… So we create courses that are fun for our Junior Chefs where they can learn, practice, try what they create and compare with the Chef's preparation and those of their friends.
The session vary in menu and include pastry / baking (both sweet and savory) & decoration, Asian essentials (fried rice / dumplings), Sushi and Maki (on request), and other themes that may be requested for special days / bday parties/ group bookings.

Private Group Bookings

Private group bookings can be requested for time suitable and menu can be tailored for your preference and well. Any special occasion is coming up soon? Celebrating it with friends at Chef Boutique has been always fun!! Learn, cook and enjoy your special day or have a small competition on who cooks best! Make your special day (exp. Bday, We Graduated, Uni/school Re Union, Friends Nights Out, Team Building and so on..) memorable and enjoyable! We decorate the place as well if you wish for you theme, without extra charge